And Now an Intro to the Handmade Music Collective blog...

Hellooo! I'd like to introduce y'all to what's going to happen with this thing.

I guess the long and the short of it is that the blog is gonna be a place for us to share the process. The process of tracking and mixing and mastering songs - and all the sort of stuff that you find there in between making tracks sound good.

We've been making our own recordings in our little dimly lighted corner of the world of recording for a good long while now, and we think we've got a few good ideas and a fair amount of tips and tricks to share with anyone that's interested in learning how to maybe, possibly make, with a little luck, better sounding mixes.

We ain't got no record deal. We ain't go no body that's recording us. We sure as hell ain't got nobody that's putting up with our particular-ass bullshit for recording and mixing the songs in our very-particular-ass-way. So, we do it ourselves. And we try to do it as well as we can.

We released HILLCREST in April, it's on Spotify and all the streaming

sites, and also on this website for free.

We're amateurs - don't think we're anything more than that - and we put a lot of thought and consideration and time and energy into making the tracks sound the way they do. We hope we're getting better at it, but we like doing it anyhow.

So what I wanna do here is share all of that stuff with you - the things we do from recording, and talking about the songs with each other to mixing and mastering.

With some degree of consistency, we'll share with you how we get stuff done and hopefully it'll make you at least happy and smile if not serve you in giving you a few good ideas about how to make your mixes better.

Keep tabs on us - we have a lot share, and we wanna share it all with ya.

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